Knitting with kuwait knitters group

My first knitted hat and to be honest with you I’m Sooo exited about it …Many thanks🌷🌷🌷 to @kuwaitknitters my lovely group for inspiring us with new projects at each gathering & and special thanks to our lovely friend Jamie @kuwaitmomsguide for teaching us how to colorwork knit , I really appreciate your amazing ….. #can’t wait till the next #gathering to learn something new with all of the lovely ladies @kuwaitknitters 💕#ماشاء_الله القطعة الأولى في فن الحياكة اللي تعلمت طريقتها مع المجموعة الجميلة @kuwaitknitters , the fork has been used to do the pom pom for the hat , it was an amazing experience and I intend to do more and more .

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