My Passion Journey at CDA 

My passion journey  ” is the title of my graduation project from  Continoue Development Academy and now You can view it at

    At the presentation , I was narrating how my passion in crocheting   was developed  to be a message to the world around me .  The preparation to the presentation  was a very intresting journey and was based  on a professional basis at all levels . I was very happy to stand before the  consultive community  Of the academy, guests ,   my family ,  friends and collegues to  talk about the importance of my hoppy and how it changed my life . Also , at this presenation I’ve talked about the major role of my family in supporting  my passion  In different ways .To be honest with u , It was a very emotional moment when I start to talk about how it all started from the moment when my mom brought to me a  very  beautiful Crochter to teach me the basic of crocheting , till the moment when I became a certified crochet trainer myself  . The presentataion consists from many major points  regarding my crochet activities such as the  establishment of my Workshop Crochet Cafe as a home based project , my participation in crocheting in crocheting the largest Kuwait flag in the wolrd with the voluntery team that consists from 172 ladies and acheived the gennis    ……etc 

My Passion’s Journey is a very important chapter of my life.The responces of my family and  friends from all over the world was really amazing . I never thought that my hoppy would change my life in such way . 

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