My vivid Crochet Cafe 

  Today’s photo  is from  Crochet Cafe and precisely from the side that  shows my office ; where I spend my time reading , writing and designing my crocheting projects . It  is my vivid world as I call it . Children under the age of 8 are not allowed to enter my workshop beacause they always think that my place is a play ground  . Colour combinations attarct them , to the extent of driving my and my sister crazy . Our rules  for theose who enter our workshop ; are very simple . Our visitors are most welcome to  enjoy their time reading , crocheting and handcrafting ; but we always asking them to  keep it neatly and   well     orgnized   and above this always think positively and  creatively  .

Crochet Cafe 


Ghadah Al-Moosa

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