me and my crochet doll Marleen 


My beautifyl Marleen  is sitting at Crochet Cafe’s Library watching me while doing my reading researchs  . Due to my other commitments, I consider Crocheting  as important part of my daily To Do List . As a mattar of  fact , I strongly believe at the  importanece of   having a daily short break  to release the stress we encounter daily  . Trust me , time mangment is the  clue to the  balance we need in our life. Recentely , I’ve joined Continous Development Academy Kuwait (CDA) as a trainee . At the academy,  we are learing how  balance is working at different aspects of life  under the supervision of certified academic professors . My hoppy is just one side of the story in the issue of life balance ; hope that one day I have the chance to tell you all the other beautiful part of the story .  
Written by 

Ghadah Al-Moosa

Crochet Cafe 


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