Enjoy what U love…..


Each one of us has the right to enjoy whatever he loves. So ; don’t worry if you seem to be lil bit weird to people around you just because you are obsessed with your hobby ; your work ….. Your world .Recently ; I’ve noticed that some people are gifted ; yet they are too shy to share their gifts and arts with the world around them. If you are interested in something try to work sooooo hard to enjoy it .Let me tell you a very interesting story a bout a very beautiful family . At the airport ; I saw a family waiting at the departure’s zone . The family members were gathering around each other reading National Geographic (magazine).
For our surprise ; they were so quite scanning pictures of the magazine ; without giving people around them any kind of attention and the look in their eyes. They were enjoying their common interests in reading ; and they were very happy about that . Soooo ; try to enjoy what you love to enjoy your life ………

Picture of the day shows my yarn basket ; I’m working on the golden blanket …

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