The Art of Focusing


People should be aware of a very serious issue regarding having interests in many things in their life . On the long term , people will find themselves lost between unimportant priorities in their daily life. My advise to you all ; is that we should focus on what we really love to do rather than chasing every single phenomena around us and try to be part of it. Recently, I’ve noticed everyone knows everything ; and that really scares me. I strongly support Confucius saying “who chases two rabbits catches neither”
Instead of wasting your time trying to be a multifunctional person ; try to modify your skills at your area of interest.

Now ; let us talk about crocheting which is my area of interest; yet no my area of profession -EL- don’t get confused people ((:

The above accessory is from our private collection ; love it really as the Color combination suits my artistic’s mood . Visit Crochet Cafe for more styles ; our collection is crocheted with love to our valued customers.

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