My perfume & crocheting


Today’s post is a very special one. The whole story started last week . I was soo busy packing my bags and getting ready to go to the airport ; yet I was thinking that before leaving on that family trip ; I need to crochet something creatively and beautifully as well. But ; how could I crochet something within less than hour before traveling ??
The answer to my question was before my eyes and was very simple !! It was my handy perfume ; “certainty I need to decorate that perfume with my yarns ” I told myself . Sooo , I’ve started to crochet and create spontaneous and easy pattern from my imagination . With less than 20 minutes and Using Catania ; red and green yarns ; hook size 4 , my perfume has been decorated with crochet .The story of crocheting my perfume is just an example of how determination works when We have the will to do what we love . To me ; Crocheting is the art of creating something out of nothing ; it is the art of determination .

With my best wishes
Ghadah Al-Moosa
Founder of Crochet Cafe
Kuwait .

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