My Hope ; different perspective to the world around us

Me , my book and my yarns are in the same journey . Let me introduce you to Hope my tinny little crochet toy . I’ve crocheted this doll persistently to examine the Kind of mixed colored yarns and for my surprise , I’ve been attracted to her and in love with her from the moment I’ve started to sew her parts together .

But Why you called that toy Hope ? Someone asked !!
For God’s sake what kind of question is that !!!!!!I. I called my Aminko Hope because we all need hope and faith to go on with our lives and I strongly believe in that .

Furthermore , why not calling her HOPE !!!!! The innocency of the look in her eyes reminds me that  people are urgently in need something to cheer them up and give them the hope that regardless of the uneasy circumstances that some of us is confronting; we should have the faith that the best is yet to come.

In fact; HOPE the doll is my way of telling myself and my loved ones that escaping our responsibilities and our stressful days are very easy to deal with ; if we adopt hope and faith as ways of life and work so hard to fill our life with joyful and useful things. crocheting is my way of saying that ,
So ; You ,you and you and whoever is reading this post I say You CAN do it.
. For example, if you are tired and not in the mood of talking to someone or you feel that you are tired and no one is around to talk to ; your hoppy is the easiest way to calm you down and make you feel MUCH better.

Recently , I’ve noticed that during the time of crises , the clue to our problem lies beneath the quietness moments while keeping ourselves busy with something we love to do as reading and crocheting …..etc. You may agree or disagree with me ; yet it is my personal point of view .




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