Crocheting accessories

In love with my accessory . Today’s post is of a piece which was crocheted specially to wear it for a very special family gathering.Let me tell u this ; I love fashion and consider crochet as an important part of fashion design . I’ve attended many fashion shows in Uk , USA , Dubai […]

Crocheting is the art of beauty from within

Crocheting something for someone very special to me is considered to be the most beautiful moment of my life .Crocheting initiates a very beautiful and human relationship between us and people who are interested in the art that we are offering . Today’s post is about the dolly Lolo , it fits into the category […]

Stand tall and be a hero

Every single moment of our life counts.Therefore ; you have to start . And that tinny little things we start our dreams with ; one day would be the most important parts of our dream.Don’t hesitate to show the world around you ; that you have the courage to dream loudly and beautifully. Think out […]