Crocheting Positively




At Crochet Cafe , our environment is basically designed on the idea of mixing learning with enjoyment . Our vistors and trainee would be soo happy and grasp new ideas much more better than in restricted and careful environments . A clear example of that is the above picture that show the training time at our place .Training took us approximately 1hour ; we’ve learnt how to crochet shells and picots by reading patterns and applying what we have learnt practically . At Crochet Cafe ; you are only asked to leave your negative thoughts at our door steps and then jump in positively at our beautiful dream place . In other words ; we are trying our best to spread the positiveness around us . Adopting such trend in working at the art of crocheting was made to show ourselves and people around us that life is all about choices we have to take . Our choice in crocheting and thinking positively as possible as we can is a choice that we have made for the sake of ourselves and people around us . Always keep in your mind that today ; is the day that most was us were worried about !!

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