The Vision


Here we go ; long time since posting something in English ; miss that really !! Recently ; me the narrator of the crochet cafe’s story and his founder have to admit that I’m soo busy ((:

Busy in preparing something very attractive for crochet dreamers . Hope you will love it and it will motivate you to start your awn beautiful dream using your colorful vision .Let me tell you this ; it is not always easy ; ups and downs are parts of our realistic life . yet ; we have to be strong enough to stand up and prove it to ourselves that we can do it .

I’m proud of myself and my team members ; we are a highly educated honor students who graduated from universities with different majors ; such as English literature ; Political science and education . In addition to that ;we are very proud to introduce ourselves as crocheters where crocheting to us is the art of elegancy .

My vision is framed by the necessity that each one of us should adopt an exclusive vision to himself and to the world around himself . Motivating ; teaching , and motivating other people is my dream .To us the art of crocheting is just a simple example of doing so .

Wish you all of the best , may all of your dreams come true . Trust your self ; create your own distinctive vision and you will achieve .

Ghada Al-Moosa
Founder of Crochet Cafe

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Insta @ crochetcafeblog

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