At crochet cafe ; Sunflower Rose



Crocheting roses is a very beautiful experience ; fancy colors play major role in attracting viewer’s attention to the beauty of our artistic piece . Now we will share with u the pattern of the Sunflower ; beautiful rose and well knows for its positiveness signification.

We wish to thank our beautiful friend and member team ; Trainer Amnah AlHoli for providing us with the written pattern .

Amnah explained that to crochet the sunflower rose you will need
2 colored yarn brown and yellow
and a right size crochet hook
I used crochet hook size 2.5 MM
my sunflower size 13cm it’s a big pattern ; So make sure to use the rightful crochet hook size

start with magic loop
R1 : 10dc , join (10)
R2 : 2dc in each st, join (20)
R3 : [sl st to the dc post 5ch sl st] rep 19 times (20)
R4 : 1sc on each dc from (R2) (20)

change color
R5 : [sc , 9ch , sc in 4th chain and the rest 5 chains , sc] rep 9 , join (10 petals posts)

R6 : [sl st in sc , to make the petal 1sc, 1 hdc in next 2st , 1dc in next 3 st (in the 3ch gap make 3dc 1tr 3dc) 1dc in next 3st , 1hdc in next 2st , 1sc in the last st , sl st to the sc] this will make one petal, rep 9 times join cut and leave long tail

sew each petal to it’s next to make them stand togther
sew one back loop stitch on the to the next petal back loop and hide the yarn on your way to the next joining.

Thanx our beautiful followers ; we wish you will join your sunflower crocheting experience.

With our best wishes
Founders of crochet cafe
Follow us @ Instagram @crochetcafee

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